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She took the spoon from his hand, put the plate away and left her husband where he was. On the table with his head turned to the side. His eyes were open.

They had argued again, as so often in the many years of their marriage. He, the strong handsome man, a man of the world who worked in Ireland for a floor mat company. There was no doubt about it: He was no good for marriage. She, on the other hand, was a consummate housewife, a bit of a fussy cook, but a gifted cook and manager of her life. Unlike her husband, she became a wallflower over time, left alone and lonely. They could only get along because he was provided by her, because he appreciated good food and she became tolerant. She wanted a provider who gave her the freedom to clean the flat and take care of the kitchen.

Then, over the years, more and more arguments arose. It was little things, unimportant things. They soon found pleasure in hurting each other. The years went by and it got worse and worse. One morning she decided to end the marriage. No, she would not give up the pension, she would inherit everything, the house, the car and his watch collection. She would take everything and therefore he should not suffer either. For him, she had procured a poison from South America via the internet. It was tasteless and she could simply mix it into his food, into his beloved pumpkin soup.

Cooking it was easy: Take a handful of onions, diced Hokaido pumpkin with skin. Sauté both briefly in rapeseed oil and after about 5 minutes add fresh ginger, 1l coconut milk and ½l apple juice. Then add 2-3 peeled potatoes. Season with a little sugar, salt and lots of pepper. After about 20 minutes, the mixture is pureed and the delicacy is ready. In this case 100% vegan.

Today was the day, she would put the food in front of him for the last time, she smiled pensively. This time it was fun to sit at the table while he ate and ignored her. This animal joy rose in her and she had to smile all over her face. He looked at her in amazement and frowned, then his blue eyes flickered and he slumped to one side. 'The soup turned out exceptionally well' she thought and got up from the table. She was just happy, it was over and it had turned out well. She had outdone herself.

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